End of year update:

2011 has been a great year for us and we hope it has for you as well. Some of highlights from 2011 were the release of our second EP “I Kill” with some great remixes from Aesthetic Perfection, Starmachines and Polluted Axis. We also played a couple great shows with Nitzer Ebb and Combichrist at the Galaxy Theater. We had the legendary Steven Seibold from Hate Dept. join our family and are working on some new music featuring his talent. Johnny also played keys for Tactical Sekt for their show at Das Bunker recently. The only negative for the year was the closing of our label “Crunch Pod” so we again are on our own which seems to be the best thing for right now. All of our released material is still available on most media outlets and “I Kill” has been re-released.

For 2012 we have a couple things in store…new full length album in production and going well, might be a surprise release here or there before the full-length comes out, some more shows and who knows what else. Besides helping with Blackcentr, Steven is working on various projects including some new Hate Dept, Josh is working on his Madrost project and some others. Johnny is in the studio working on tracks for new the new Blackcentr material and DJ’ing here and there.

We hope you have a great wrap up to 2011, enjoy the holidays and we look forward to engaging with our friends more in 2012.

Blackcentr @ The Galaxy Theater June 2011