EP almost ready

Work on the new EP is progressing and is almost ready. Looks like 4 tracks and maybe a couple remixes. Hoping to get it out for mastering in the next couple weeks. Thanks for all the great feedback and support.

Blackcentr is currently working on an EP for an early Summer release. The EP is entiteled “Disease” and the title track is now uploaded on blackcentr’s various sites. It is still in production but I figured I would share some of the new stuff with everyone.

Ryan Layne is contributing vocals and is doing a great job.

Disease EP Cover

It’s done…

…Blackcentr has been released from Vendetta Music. I am working on an EP now and still working on the vocals issue but it looks promising. Finally can get back to having some fun and making music. I might be putting some sample tracks of the new stuff up soon.

Thanks for all the support over the last couple months while the bullshit was piling up.

New material coming soon.

New material will be up on the sites soon…also still looking for new members to collaborate with including a vocalist. Please contact auditions@blackcentr.com for more info.

Auditioning new members

Blackcentr is looking for it’s next front man and others to work with…if you’re interested in auditioning please contact by messaging  auditions@blackcentr.com

Blackcentr new lineup for 2010

Blackcentr will be announcing a new line up for 2010. Taury Goforth will no longer be in the band and Jason Scamara will no longer be providing live drum support for the project.

Johnny Bonnett is the only original member left and will continue with music production on his own until further notice.

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